How to Deal With Facebook Stalkers?

Facebook has become the most popular and most widely used social media platform available in today’s world. With its numerous benefits, there are some drawbacks to it as well which if not used properly may turn out to be a bit problematic for some. It is necessary that you share only that information over Facebook which cannot be used to exploit you later. The information may be your personal details and any information that you do not want the world to know about. You can also set the privacy options for certain users where some items can be seen only by you, friends, friends of friends, or everyone.


But sometimes while using Facebook, you may come across some stalkers who view your profile on a regular basis and perform some actions on your profile like posting, commenting, sharing, tagging, poking, or sending messages. However, works in the same way as being stalked in the real world with the same intention in mind. The stalkers look each of the actions that you perform on Facebook. The stalker threats on Facebook are quite the same as it is in the real world. In most of the cases, you might become irritated by such stalkers. Hence it becomes necessary to deal with such stalkers.


Steps to deal with Facebook Stalkers:


Based on the technical know-how that you have and that of the stalker the option to deal with them may turn out to be either simple or complex. You can either confront such people directly using the message or post about the same. You can also have an interaction to know if they are related to you. Sometimes, if they receive no response they lost interest and then stop stalking. You can also set the privacy settings where you can choose certain options so that they cannot access your profile, cannot tag you, cannot comment on your post, and perform similar such tasks.


If required, you can also choose the option to block such users so that they can no longer access your profile. You can also report about such people to Facebook Toll Free Support Service Number, and can also ask your friends to do the same so that Facebook executives block such profiles and deactivate their account. In extreme cases, you can also file a complaint with the police immediately. 



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